Task Automation and App Integration with Workato

September 9, 2016 By Trujay Group


Workato, a leading enterprise-class automation and cloud integration platform has won some recent accolades by Forrester Research. Business owners who are looking to automate and simplify their business processes by integrating both cloud and on-site applications will appreciate Forrester's recognition of Workato's excellent reputation.

So what exactly does Workato offer a company? With no coding required, Workato seamlessly integrates with over 100 business applications and enables companies to automate their business processes across all the apps. Since no coding is necessary, custom integrations are put into place much faster and cheaper. Workato was found to be a good choice for both small and large Fortune 500 companies. Small companies may not have the skilled workforce necessary to administer integration operations and large companies may not want to pull their development resources from other projects in order to build custom integration products.  

Some of Workato's platform characteristics include:

  • workflow automation across on-site and cloud applications,
  • easy adaptation to any app customization required by businesses,
  • automatically syncs past, present and future data across apps,
  • and one console for IT staff to administer all integrations.

A practical example of how Workato can help companies integrate data derived from separate applications is noted by a company named Verified First. Verified First had client data stored in Salesforce and wanted to automate both historical and future Salesforce data with QuickBooks. According to Ryan Hart, their marketing director, "Workato's platform rose to the challenge, completely streamlining the invoicing process, providing stronger insights, and eliminating manual data entry for accounts receivable."

If you are looking for an app integration platform and like the appeal of lower costs, no coding and fast integration, contact us! As a Workato reseller and consulting partner, we'll get you up and running quickly. 

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