SaaS Migration: The Seasonal Movement of Data to Greener SaaS Pastures

February 27, 2017 By Ryan Smith


The winter weather is thawing out across the world and the world’s avian species are beginning to migrate back to the warmer weather of their homeland. I liken the yearly migrations of birds to another series of migrations that I see happen on a yearly basis. Around this time, the winter freeze on procurement and hiring is beginning to lift. Businesses have closed out the previous financial year and are gearing up with new KPIs and OKRs to achieve in 2017 and beyond. This often means a re-thinking of core business processes and systems. As companies purchase new SaaS systems and begin implementing them, they are inevitably faced with a series of challenges.


The core of this challenge is how to remove data out of the old system, clean up of that data to get rid of duplicates and bad entries, migrate the data AND processes into the new system. Trujay Group can easily perform this migration for you -- not only will we perform the job in a technically proficient manner but we will act as strategy advisors and consultants to you and develop with you a data strategy for your business. Migrations may seem like an easy task; you just need to CSV export and then CSV import, right? Well there is a lot more thinking that needs to go into this task to ensure that you get the highest ROI out of your new system purchase. First, you have to understand what data and processes from the old system are worth keeping. This is where Trujay will step in and do a holistic assessment of your business goals. This will allow us to assess the best way to setup the new system in order to achieve those goals in the most efficient manner. With this understanding we will be able to give your team advice on what data is worth keeping and how best to clean it up.


Cleanup, in itself, is no easy task. Part of the reason for this is that employees use SaaS systems in ways that make the most sense to them as an individual. These custom workflows often account for incomplete data sets across the organization. Trujay will be able to cleanup the data so it comes across the same for every record, ensuring you have all the fields you need for your new processes. We can then setup role-based access controls and mandatory field requirements in the new system to ensure your data is consistent and clean moving forward. Having your entire organization on the same page leads to more productive knowledge sharing and efficient operations. After migrating the data, we will ensure that your new system is not only setup with the above features but is open to be integrated to other SaaS systems easily. These integrations will be critical to better business process management and ROI from the systems in the future. Don’t let your SaaS IT logistics fall through the cracks.

So during this seasonal time where your data is migrating between new SaaS environments ensure that your data is accompanied by a trusty guide in Trujay Group so it arrives safely and so the new greener SaaS pastures are optimized to produce their greatest yield!

What questions do you have about data migration or SaaS setup? Let us know!


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