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Trujay achieves impressive NPS rating!

May 9, 2017

We got a little education:

We all hear a good amount about the Net Promoter Score model these days. The Trujay team founded our company with a keen focus to drive high customer satisfaction, so we knew we eventually wanted to implement the survey tool to help us guide the company in the right...

Trujay Group acquires HubSpot!

Apr 1, 2017

After months of intense discussions, Trujay Group found that HubSpot was already public and hugely successful and they did not have enough money to acquire HubSpot after all.  But we can confirm they are truly a great company to partner with...

Happy April Fool's Day - but seriously, it really...

5 Secrets to Know when adding new SaaS Systems

Jul 27, 2016


So you have come to the point where you are negotiating with your chosen SaaS vendor for the newest cloud application for your company. Unfortunately for first timers, this process usually ends up being full of surprises. The fact is that there are many important needs (that aren't always...